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6 reasons why you should try full-body cryotherapy


Whole-body cryotherapy isn’t just a popular trend. People have been using ice to reduce the inflammation, increase energy levels, and treat pain for centuries. Even before full-body cryotherapy gained popularity, athletes would immerse themselves in ice baths after exercise, doctors would recommend ice packs for swelling, and people would jump into ice water to increase alertness and improve mood. People use extreme cold to freeze warts and break down other diseased tissue. Cryotherapy has many benefits that lead to the emergence of whole-body cryotherapy.

What does whole body cryotherapy consist of?

Whole body cryotherapy (also known as WBC) is performed in a hyperbolic chamber where the temperature drops to subzero temperatures. People wear nothing but slippers, underwear, and sportswear. They need proper footwear and other protective coverings such as gloves, masks and head gear. After entering the cabin, you can expect 2-3 minutes of subzero temperatures, and rest assured that a professional is watching you at all times. After the treatment, they will help you warm up!

But why would you do this to yourself? There are multiple reasons! Here are six reasons why you should give a full-body cryotherapy injection.

Boost recovery rates after exercise

There’s a reason you’ll always hear about athletes using ice baths after training. Cold increases muscle recovery rates. WBC is similar to ice baths in that you expose your entire body to extreme cold, which helps your muscles recover faster after physical activity. Cold has also been shown to numb pain, which is another reason why it’s so energizing after exercise. WBC can reduce pain and provide relief for any tense, sore or injured muscles.

It should be noted that a single session alone will most likely not relieve any muscle pain, which is why it is recommended to go to regular full body cryotherapy sessions for several weeks or months for best results if that is your goal.

Reduces inflammation

People usually apply ice packs to sore muscles and inflamed areas because the cold helps reduce swelling. It also helps with soft tissue injuries and can revitalize damaged tissues. Reducing inflammation is one of the main benefits of WBC. WBC helps your body fight toxins and injuries that cause inflammation, improving recovery rates.

Improves the immune system

Because whole-body cryotherapy reduces inflammation, it obviously stimulates the anti-inflammatory process. This strengthens the immune system. Since reducing inflammation is one of the main things that whole-body cryotherapy helps, it can also improve your overall health through this, and by improving the functioning of your immune system.

Increases energy

When you think of cold, you think of assembly to conserve heat and energy. You won’t necessarily associate WBC with increased energy, but it’s true! Immediately after full body cryotherapy, many patients report increased energy levels, due to the adrenaline produced by exposure to subzero temperatures.

Boosts metabolism

Whole-body cryotherapy can also increase your metabolic rate! Cold boosts your metabolic rate because it sends your body into overdrive, causing it to work twice as long in order to try to stay warm. Cold can also freeze fat cells so that they are broken down faster.

Improves mood

Extreme cold can cause physiological responses that include the release of endorphins. Endorphins have been shown to improve mood. This is especially useful for those who suffer from mood disorders such as anxiety or depression, as part of those disorders involve the brain not producing enough endorphins.

Whole-body cryotherapy can also positively affect mood, as cold stimulates the parasympathetic system. It’s your parasympathetic nervous system that creates a sense of calm and relaxation after high heart rates—something caused by whole-body cryotherapy—which can also relieve anxiety. This is why people often report a feeling of lightness and calmness after a full-body cryotherapy session.

Although cool, cryotherapy is not for everyone

While cryotherapy can be beneficial for many people, it is not recommended and can be harmful to others. Some of the conditions in which cryotherapy can worsen: are poor circulation, heart disease, neuropathy, and more. Consult a doctor to see if the cryotherapy is right for you!

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